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Hunting Property Photo
Lawrence County
77 Acres
77 ACRES OF PRIME LAWRENCE COUNTY ILLINOIS BIG BUCK HABITAT. This tract has nice hardwoods giving way to thick undergrowth suitable for great bedding areas. The sign on the farm was abundant. This area has been produsing some whopper bucks and I expect this tract to be no different. I observered several great potential stand sites while walking the property. There is no shortage of funnels and pinches on this farm that really have the deer movement patternable. I would love to be able to try and outsmart an old mossy horned buck on this tract this Fall. This lease is for all legal game, except waterfowl. The term of the lease is for 1 year unless the auction ends after August 31st of the current year. In that event, the lease will end on August 1st of the following year. Must follow all Illinois game laws
Hunting Property Photo
Marathon County
64 Acres
Marathon Co. property with too many deer. Landowner wants deer taken. This farm looks like a bowhunters paradise. Real nice property. Wooded area is away from roads. The crops consist of alfalfa in the south field and corn and beans north of that. Plenty of reason for deer to be around. Plenty of cover and food. There are 2 fields in the northwest corner planted to corn that should be a very attractive place for deer to feed. There was a fair mount of deer damage to the corn on this property which the owner states is an every year scenario. Plenty of good stand sites. Bear are active in the area and landowner will allow bear hunting. Landowner states the cut fields will get good sized flocks of geese. This property has not been hunted much. Picture of driveway is from Rock Rd.
Hunting Property Photo
Wayne County
173 Acres
173 acres in Wayne County, GA. Located about an hour southwest of Savannah. This property is covered with 12 year old Pine trees. Access off of Holmesville Rd. that will lead you about 1/4 into the property. If you plan to camp, this will be your area to set up. Landowner says that there is about 30 acres of this property that will fill up with water during steady rain periods. He was unsure about if there was waterfowl potential. He did however point out that it was good deer & dove hunting. All legal game. Camping available. Atv's can be used for hunting purposes only. Food plots will be allowed with permission first. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included.
Hunting Property Photo
Seneca County
156 Acres
156 acres in Seneca County, OH. Just minutes straight south from Clyde, OH. This property consists of 100+ acres of corn, 18 acres of timber & 38 acres of pasture. Plenty of food, areas for stand/ground blind locations and bedding areas for game. The season starts next month, so get your bid in today and have exclusive rights to hunt this property. -All legal game property -Food plots allowed with approval -camping allowed on south tract (see aerial for location) -ATV's allowed $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included
Hunting Property Photo
Marathon County
112 Acres
Too much of a good thing? Marathon Co. typically ranks in the top 5 Wisconsin counties in total deer harvested every season. This property is a good example of why. Deer hunters paradise and come prepared to be busy. There have been good numbers of deer taken. Crops, cover and water all in close proximity means they don't have to go far. The wooded area on this property is thick with some very nice deer trails leading to the clover and other crop fields. Great stand locations every where. Fields are mostly corn and beans. The pasture south of the brown house is loaded with clover. Look at the aerial shots and you see the Big Eau Pleine River to the west. This is 300 to 400 yards from owners property line. Heavy woods are between the river and this property. So the deer have plenty to drink, plenty of cover, and plenty of food that they get off of this parcel, and they don't need to travel far to do all of this. That's why the deer numbers are so high on this place. Most of the photos taken are of the woods from the corn/bean fields. The trail in one picture may look like a cattle trail but it is a deer trail leading to the clover. There are black bear on this property and owner will allow bear hunting. The max # of hunters is listed at 4 but the property owner may go to 5 hunters for the right group. Current stands on property are not available for use and are not included in lease for liability reasons. There are plenty of excellent stand locations. $2 Million liability insurance with each lease.
Hunting Property Photo
Lake County
90 Acres
90 acres in Lake County, MN. Located just a short drive from Duluth. This property is mixed with all mature timber (birch, balsam, cedar, spruce, aspen), except for the sugar maple forest on top of and to the south of cliff, with 12 acres of advanced deciduous regeneration. There is a 500 yard cliff, up to 80 feet high that runs east-west through the middle of the property. From the top of the cliff there are sweeping views of the property. Landowner says that there is 1000+ acres of county and state land bordering to the south. There is limited public access to it because of terrain, much of it is surrounded by private property, and lack of roads. He also notes that it has excellent grouse hunting potential. -Maximum of 5 hunters on the signed lease. -No ATV's or trapping. -All legal game property with exception to wolf and bear hunting. -Only temporary hang-on, climber or ladder stands can be used and absolutely no tree pegs or spikes. No permanent deer stands. -Tent camping will be allowed only or you can park a trailer at the North Shore State Trail parking area. Landowner reserves the right for the following to be allowed with notification to the leaseholder of the dates of expected visits. -Landowner property visits -installation of a short tower by U of MN. personnel for bird migration study, followed by visits every two weeks to check that solar power is working and maintenance as needed. -visits by a stewardship forester and county forester in conjunction with renewing the stewardship plan and conducting an ecological evaluation of the property. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included.
Hunting Property Photo
Trempealeau County
120 Acres
This Trempealeau Co. property has the remote low areas the bruisers are know to hang out in. Lightly hunted over the years this is an opportunity to lease 120 acres of bottom ground offering deer, turkey, geese and fishing on the Trempealeau River. Property is bordered by beans on the north side and corn to the east., Fair amount of clover in the pasture. Trempealeau County is one of the top counties in Wisconsin for big bucks (12 point taken off property last year) and hunting property there is in demand. Trempealeau River also offers Trout, Walleye and Northerns (as per owner) and can be fished easily from the banks which are very accessible. All legal game available with this yearly lease. I saw plenty of deer and turkey sign. The pasture will get heavy concentrations of geese. Owner will allow up to 4 hunters. ATV's can be used for hunting/fishing purposes only. There is a marked trail along the river. Owner willing to consider food plots. There may be cattle in the pasture in the summer, but owner will have them off by the archery opener. Possible dates May 1-Sep.10 and will be back on come May. Property is accessed by grass/dirt road off of J Hwy. Located 5 miles south of Arcadia. This owner is very flexible and open to a camper, if not on the property he may have a location close by. There are 2 motels and plenty of eating establishments in Arcadia. The opening bid price is very reasonable based on all this property has to offer and an owner that is willing to work with who ever leases the property.
Hunting Property Photo
Greenwood County
2360 Acres
LARGE GREENWOOD CO LEASE in Unit 14...2360+/- ACRES WITH WATER AND CRP GRASS! This property is located in the rolling Flinthills and will be capable of producing some great deer. I my opinion it is setup prefect for a firearms lease with plenty of overlooks and blind locations. Just outside of Virgil Ks this lease is surrounded by some great property that also has a history of producing some great whitetails. The property has a cattle lease and landowners will maintain overgrowth in the pastures. The hunting lease is open to all hunting seasons expect there is no fishing allowed on the nice lake on the westside of this property.
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