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How the Bidding Process Works
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Submitting a Bid to Lease

To bid on properties, you must be a member of Hunting Lease Network®.

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How Bidding Works

If you would like to bid on a property:

  • Bids must be placed in increments of $100 or more than the Current Bid. You may also place a Max Bid.

  • By submitting a bid, you acknowledge you have read the User Agreement on our website and know you are contractually obligated to follow through with full payment on the property lease if you are a winner when the auction ends.

  • If you bid on a property, you will be notified by email immediately following the close of the auction with the results. We will also follow up with a phone call to go over any further questions you may have.

Note: Hunting Lease Network® reserves the right to decline bids from any past delinquent payers.


How Max Bidding Works

A Max Bid is not required. (You can enter regular bid amount(s) and still participate in the auction.)

If you do place a Max Bid:

  • Bids will be placed in $100 increments up to your Max Bid price if others are bidding on this property. A Max Bid allows you not to have to sit and watch the computer for every bid. It's automatic - increasing your Bid up to your Max Bid Amount.

  • Once your Max Bid has been outbid, you'll receive an email notifying you so you can increase your Bid to continue participating in the auction if you wish.

    Note: If you don't see the email notification in your Inbox, check your Junk Mail (Spam) folder. Then add the email address to your "safe" list in your email account so it's not flagged as spam.

  • You can increase your Max Bid anytime during the auction. Once you enter a Max Bid, you cannot decrease or delete it.
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