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The following new recreational properties are now available for lease.

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Saline County
315 Acres
315 acres in Gage County! Located just east of Wilber or 45 minutes southwest of Lincoln. Two quarters that you will have multiple hunting opportunities. Landowner claims that you can hunt deer, upland game, coyote, dove & waterfowl. The property north of Hwy 41 is planted in beans and has a good timber draw running through it. Good areas to set up. Get set up in the low areas along the creek or hunt the timber edges. This property also has areas of thick grass for bedding down deer or upland game nesting areas. A little bit of everything to keep game on the property. The property south of Hwy 41 is all crop ground and waterways that will hold upland game. There are areas that hold water so you may be able to hunt waterfowl out in the field by the pond. This is currently planted in corn, so should be a good spot for geese. Camping will have to be approved, no hook-ups. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included!
Lewis County
860 Acres
THIS MASSIVE LEWIS COUNTY FARM WILL BE HARD TO BEAT!! If you like a huge contiguous property, corn, soybeans and alfalfa for food sources, massive amounts of prime hardwood timber, multiple water sources, lots of brush and holding cover, and a history of giant Northeast Missouri Whitetails, well this lease if for you! This is a rare opportunity at a premium property in the heart of Northeast Missouri's big buck country. Strong turkey numbers in the area as well. A massive lake on the north side of the property will offer fishing opportunities and maybe some waterfowl potential if one is so inclined. Good access from 3 sides. This property really does have it all!
Price County
108 Acres
Here is an opportunity to take advantage of all sorts of game throughout the year. Property has heavy deer activity. Landowner has added food plots and is open to more being put in. Food plots consist of forage radish, peas, winter rye, brassica forages and sugar beets. Mostly woods with trails through out. Woods are a mixture of maple, aspen, hazelnut, black cherry, and pines. Numerous open areas on the west portion. The creek on the property is connected to Otter Tail Creek and Douglass Creek. Both are Class 2 Trout streams so trout fishing here is worth a try. There is a sizeable camping area on the west 40. This includes 2 cabins that are available for year-round use. One is insulated and has a wood stove. Plenty of room to park your vehicles. There is also a camping area on the east parcel that is accessed from the 1st driveway. In addition to hunting deer and turkey the landowner will also allow duck, goose, rabbit, grouse, bear, coyote, and bobcat. This property is in bear zone A. Old farm building are off limits. Stay out of and away from the old blue farmhouse.
Otoe County
120 Acres
120 acres in Otoe County, NE. Located a few miles south of Douglas and a short drive from Lincoln. This property is mostly crop ground with areas of timber. With a yearly corn/bean rotation the game should be traveling in the area. Good areas to set ground blinds and trees big enough to get tree stands set. There was plenty deer sign when I visited, and the landowner confirmed that there are deer moving through this property. This area is loaded with timber and a water source that surrounds this tract. Access to the property is the south border, which will get you to the bigger block of timber. You can also park and access through the old farmstead on the west side. Landowner asks that you do not drive on the cropland. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included.
Douglas County
50 Acres
50 acres in Douglas County, NE. Just north of Waterloo off of 275. This property is all crop ground but will have multiple game opportunities. Deer, waterfowl & upland game can be hunted per landowner. Landowner claims that this property is in a good flyway for ducks and geese, with possible pheasant hunting opportunities. He also says with the crop damage on the east side that the deer move through this area. They will also allow trapping. No digging of pits! Removable blinds or layouts are approved. Hunters will be able to access once the harvest is complete. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included
Marathon County
80 Acres
80 +/- Marathon County acres. Here is a property in one of the top counties in one of the top states for deer. This property is just down the road from WINO 0038. No shortage of deer sign. Trails, scraps, rubs everywhere. Corn planted in the fields on the southern parcel. All sorts of tree lines to set up. There is a wooden ground blind on the property that is off-limits. Ground slopes down on the northern portion and there are some open spots in the woods that would be great to set up on. There is a creek at the northern end of property. 4 hunters are allowed on this property bringing the cost per hunter to $1250 which is well worth it. This property was not hunted heavy last year. In addition to deer and turkey's, coyote, squirrel, racoons and fox may be taken on this property. No bear hunting. No alcohol or smoking on the property allowed. Please respect neighbors. Landowner may allow a camper. Close to Mosinee and Wausau which have all the amenities. Airport at Mosinee offers commercial flights.
Marathon County
80 Acres
80 +/- Marathon County acres. Marathon County consistently ranks among the top counties in Wisconsin for the number of deer taken, year after year. This is a property in one of the top counties in one of the top states for deer. Just west of WINO 0039. No shortage of deer on this property. It's not a matter of if but what. Southern portion is alfalfa with woods and swamp to the north and west. There are deer trails throughout the woods and along the perimeters. Woods do not have heavy underbrush which makes it ideal for bow hunters. All sorts of spots where deer are bedding down in high grass. There are trails from the woods leading to the alfalfa field. Neither this property nor WINO 0039 were hunted hard last year at all. Landowner will allow 4 hunters and this property can easily accommodate 4. At the opening bid amount the cost is $1250 per hunter. In addition to deer and turkey hunting, hunting for fox, coyote, squirrel, and racoon is ok. No trapping. No bear hunting allowed. No smoking or alcohol allowed on the property. No fires. Please respect neighbors. Owner may allow a camper. Airport at Mosinee offers commercial flights. All the amenities can be found at Mosinee and Wausau.
Morton County
160 Acres
A full quarter of CRP grass. The grass is mature. It will be growing tall and thick from the spring rains. If you want your own field to hunt and not have to fight the walk in crowds, this is a perfect field for you!!!! There should be plenty of upland game using this property. $2 million hunting liability insurance included with lease.
New York
Tioga County
324 Acres
Amazing property! trails throughout for easy access. When walking this property last year seen lots of deer and wildlife sign. There is a cleared area for parking and setting up hunting camp for the season..
Adams County
75 Acres
75 acres in Adams County, NE. Located just off the southeast edge of Hastings. This property is 75 acres of pasture with a seasonal wetland area that changes with rain fall. Surrounded on three sides with ag land. You will have the opportunity to hunt waterfowl and upland game. Hastings has a lot to offer. Hotels, restaurants, gas stations, golf courses are all close by if you need to run into town. Temporary blinds will be approved and must be removed by April 15. Landowner reserves the right to remove cedar trees. Camping will be allowed on the property and will have electric hook-up. No firearm target practice or clay shooting will be allowed. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included.
Dawes County
1836 Acres
1836 acres in Dawes County, NE. Located just east of Chadron on the edge of Pine Ridge National Rec. Area. Once in a lifetime lease available with the opportunity to hunt deer, turkey, elk & prairie dogs. This property is bordered by Bordeaux WMA in the Pine Ridge area of Dawes County. Get ready for plenty of hunting opportunities and memories to go with it. Good areas with a slight rolling terrain to set stands/blinds. Multiple trails throughout to gain access to several different hunting areas. Off the main trail to the east there is a ridgeline that would be a great vantage point to set up on. The farm manager said that while he was out there, he saw everything listed above and that it looked like a very active property. Get your group together and get ready for the 2024/25 season. Landowner reserves the right to pasture cattle. Please close all gates. Landowner will share the prairie dog hunting rights. Landowner is open to food plots. Please submit area to your HLN rep for approval. Camping will have to be approved by landowner. If you are looking for a place to stay, Chadron is only 6 miles away. Chadron has multiple camp grounds, hotels and restaurants. Farm manager suggests that you bring an ATV to access the property, since there are some questionable areas if you are in a pick-up. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. No commercial use.
Isabella County
40 Acres
Isabella Co. Michigan 40+/- acres. Bucks only allowed to be taken by any legal means. No does! No bear hunting. No squirrel hunting. Owner will allow turkey, coyote hunting. Mostly wooded parcel. Approx. 60 acres of swamp ground adjoins the southeast corner of the property. Big bucks hanging near and in the swamp as per owner. Property was not hunted last year. Existing stands on property are not available for use. There are 2 rustic cabins on the property that the landowner will let whoever leases the property use. These are available to use during hunting seasons only. Will have pictures of these shortly. Food plots are possible with owner and HLN approval.
Mcpherson County
153 Acres
UNIT 6 - 153 ACRES IN MCPHERSON COUNTY, KS WITH THE PROPER SETUP THE TREE LINE SHOULD WORK LIKE A FUNNEL. Close to Moundridge, KS this property could be a great spot to add to your current hunting property or share the cost with your favorite hunting partner. You will also have a chance to harvest upland birds in the native grass or a great Kansas Whitetail. Pretty sure you will be in the right spot in November when the antlered deer are on the move. Don’t dismiss the small group of trees as there is a water way to the south that is CRP and you never know where the big guy is bedding.
Scotts Bluff County
200 Acres
200 acres in Scotts Bluff County, NE. Two properties just west of Scottsbluff off of Hwy 92. The 160 acres is located just south of Lyman. This property is all CRP and ready to hunt pheasants. This could also be a good bedding area for deer. Crops & water around the property should keep them in the area. Landowner also notes that you will also be able to hunt prairie dogs. You can access the property from the west on County Rd 2. Boundaries are fenced on all sides, but the west side. The second property is roughly 40 acres and is covered in CRP. Good for pheasants and possibly catching deer traveling through. Landowner asks that you stay off of the alfalfa field and don't shoot towards the house on the western side of the field next to South Mitchell Rd. Access is on the west side next to the irrigation water pit. -Landowner typically doesn't have cattle on the property. If we get into a bad drought, he may allow ranchers to run cattle on the property. -Landowner asks that you use foot traffic only while hunting on either property. Absolutely, no driving or parking on the CRP. -Camping will be allowed and you can set up at the entrance on the west side on the 160 acres. Sorry, no water or electric. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. Commercial use allowed but will need to carry your own commercial liability policy. This property can be leased with NEWE 0070 if you are looking to add additional acres.
Scotts Bluff County
157 Acres
157 acres in Scotts Bluff County, NE. Property is located 20 minutes NE of Scottsbluff, NE. This property is all CRP, perfect for bedding areas just south of the bluff. If you are looking to hunt deer and upland game, this property is for you. Landowner will allow the lessee to use the pole shed that sets in the middle of the property. Property is fenced on all sides, except for the south side. Landowner typically doesn't have cattle on the property. If we get into a bad drought, he may allow ranchers to run cattle on the property. Landowner asks that you stay clear of the house on the south edge. Please use foot traffic only while on this property. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. Commercial use allowed but will need to carry your own commercial liability policy. This property can be leased with NEWE 0071 if you are looking to add additional acres.
Rooks County
1031 Acres
A wide variety of property, spread out, in Rooks county in UNIT 3!! Would pair nicely with KSWE 0095 This property has 7 different quarter sections spread out to the south of Webster Reservoir. I will have the aerial of the property and then some pictures that go with it. Property 1 is an ag field that was wheat stubble. It has a corner that has some scrub brush and a few trees. It also has a decent draw at the east end of the property. This could be a good upland game property. It also has some potential for a field that waterfowl would visit to feed in. Property 2 sits close to Plainville. It has some potential to hold some nice deer. There are some great mature trees on the property. There is a swampy draw that runs from the NW to the SE of the property. The low area contains a couple of nice ponds throughout. The deer sign consisted of some nice rubs including a fence post rub! Cattle do graze this property. Property 3 is a field with some grass and trees that run in a draw next to the road. You would hard pressed to find a deer here but there is a possibility. It would be better suited for some upland game and the field would be great for waterfowl. Property 4 is a large ag field that was in wheat this past year. It was sitting fallow. There is a great little honey hole at the north end. It is overgrown with plum thickets. A great spot for deer to bed down in away from the roads. Some great rubs and scrapes here. Field would be great for waterfowl. Property 5,6,7 These properties are all pasture that are out in the hills. Each one has some great ravines and cover. Two of them have ponds with good water, while the third has a pond but needs some rain to fill it. The pastures have some great contour to the ground. There is some good elevation to see and glass the area. They have some nice timber and all of these pastures had deer on them that I spooked when I drove into them. These are of course pastures, so there will be cattle grazing on them. ATV's allowed for hunting purposes only, no trail riding, and avoid damaging the fence on the property. Respect to crops and crop ground is a must! $2 million hunting liability insurance included with lease price. Owner reserves the right to pasture cattle. Outfitters/guides must provide their own additional insurance.
Vernon County
80 Acres
This is a bow only lease that comes with the use of a nice farmhouse. The hunting lease and house usage will run from Oct.5 to Nov.17. House will be available for the entire period. Sleeps up to 4 comfortably. House has wi-fi and many other amenities like a gas grill, full kitchen. Landowner typically gets over $200 per night for house rental. The house is a few hundred yards west from the property. 80 +/- acres of hardwoods with some bottom ground pasture. Nice deer have been consistently taken on this property year after year. Vernon County is home to some nice bucks. Deer are bedding down all over the south slopes. This is a great opportunity for the serious bow hunter. Landowner will allow cutting branches for shooting lanes. There may be cattle on the bottom ground. There are trails throughout the property. Existing blinds and stands on the property are not available for use. Boundary lines in pics are approximate. Owner can clarify any questions regarding boundaries.
Greeley County
274 Acres
274 acres in Greeley County, NE. North Loup River ground just south of Scotia, NE. This property has a yearly 170 acres of corn/bean rotation, 40 acres of wheat and the rest is made up of pasture, timber and wetlands. West border is the North Loup River that will serve as a travel route and a watering hole. Wallace Creek also flows through the northwest part of this property. Plenty of good areas for stands and ground blinds. The landowner does have a deer blind on the property that can be used by hunters. Landowner reserves the right to graze cattle. Landowner has a 6 person Cabin to the south that he is willing to rent during your hunt if it's available. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. Commercial / Outfitter Hunting Allowed.
Greeley County
150 Acres
150 acres in Greeley County, NE. River ground just south of Scotia, NE. This property has a good mixture of everything on it. It has a mix of yearly corn & beans with wheat, timber, grass & wetlands. Everything that will keep game traveling and bedded down. The west border is the North Loup River and also has Wallace Creek that flows through the middle of the property. If you decide that you want to fish some afternoon, the landowner says you can catch catfish, bass & carp. Landowner reserves the right to graze sheep. Landowner has a 6 person Cabin to the south that he is willing to rent during your hunt if it's available. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included. Commercial / Outfitter Hunting Allowed.
Antelope County
80 Acres
80 acres in Antelope County, NE. Located just under an hour from Norfolk and 10 minutes north of Clearwater. This property has 20 acres of corn/bean rotation (corn 2023), 20 acres of timber and 40 acres of pasture. This is a nice hunting property with an abundance of deer and other wildlife. Good tree cover to place stands or other areas for ground blinds. Depending on the seasons and rainfall the catch ponds will provide water to wildlife. Landowner claims you will have the chance to hunt deer, turkey, fox, coyote & bobcat. Lessee will be able to use the deer stand that is already on the property. Cattle do graze this property and the landowner is flexible on when they are put on in the spring and removed in the fall. The property has easy access along with a locked gate. $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included.
New York
Clinton County
95 Acres
Now available 95 acres good all around hunting ground don't miss your opportunity on this one... call for permission to walk , or take site on seen, your personnel hunting land awaits! Unit 5C Elevation 950 ft
Holt County
160 Acres
160 acres in Holt County, NE. Located 4 miles north of Stuart. This property is all pasture ground with timber throughout. Landowner claims there is a good number of deer, pheasants and prairie chickens. Landowner has plans to build a building in the northeast corner of this property. Once that is started there will be no hunting in that corner of the property. Possibly used to house an ATV or other supplies. Cattle will be grazing the property. Camping is approved and the use of electricity will need prior approval from landowner. Good access to the property. Landowner asks that you use caution around and do not shoot solar panels, windmills and tanks. Possible cedar removal in pastures to keep up with maintenance for grass ground. This property can be leased with NEEA 0331, which would add an additional 640 acres. Lease both together for lots of room for your hunting group to move around and hunt different areas. (see location map aerial) $2 Million Hunting Liability Insurance Included.
North Dakota
Stutsman County
160 Acres
160 acres in Stutsman County, North Dakota. Really good looking property with good stand of CRP and approximately 80 acre pond with a depth of 16ft so it doesn't dry out. Pond will allow for some good waterfowl hunting for both fall seasons and the spring snow goose seasons as well as sandhill cranes. Fishing is also permitted. The surrounding 80 acres of rolling hunting ground will be good for going after deer and upland game. Owner willing to allow camping on certain areas of the property next to main access as long as there is no damage to property or CRP. Property is enrolled in CRP and some scheduled maintenance may take place as required. $2 million hunting liability coverage included in the lease price. All legal game and trapping allowed.
Warren County
80 Acres
80 acres in Warren County. Affordable lease nestled in between acres of surrounding timber. Resident deer evident on the property with bedding throughout. Call, text or email your HLN rep for information or a permission slip to view the property. Bid price includes the premium on $2.0 million hunting liability insurance policy. In-state hunters only please. Deer and turkey hunting only, no food plots, ATV permitted on perimeters only for hunting purposes to remove harvested deer with care taken not to rut in muddy conditions, no screw in tree stands/steps and loosen stands when not in season to prevent girdling.
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